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Have you ever felt anxious? Why? How do you cope with anxiety?Discuss
It is ok to feel anxiety sometimes. However, we may feel it overpowers us. Share your story of how you learned to cope with anxiety and help others find new ways to feel better.
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Have you ever felt depressed? Why? How did you cope with your depression? Discuss here
Feel free to share your experience and see if others can relate.
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Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness? If so, how did you cope with your diagnosis? Discuss here.
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What would you tell someone who is feeling depressed?
Depression, in all its different levels, is a disease. However, it is presentable and treatable.
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Who or what has been your biggest support emotionally?
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Have you ever tried a recovery program for mental health?
There are many therapeutic programs to learn to live with anxiety, depression or any major diagnosis of mental health. Share here the one that has worked the most for you so that others can conside...
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Do you believe exercise is beneficial for our mental health? Why?
We know that physical exercise is beneficial for our physical health, but did you know that it is also beneficial for our mental health? If you do sports, how do you think it benefits or impacts yo...
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"This has been bothering me for years and I don't know how to tackle it"
There are problems, circumstances or people that cause us discomfort, stress, anxiety ... These situations can even make us feel as if we have no control over ourselves.

Here we ...
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"I am looking for a therapist or psychologist"
For those who are looking for professional help in the mental health sector, we provide this space where others can suggest professionals they have worked with.

Please mention nam...
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Let's talk mental health! - Apprentice Worldwide Members
We know that in the work of work there are a lot of stressors. We can feel fear, anxiety and even become depressed due to our profesiones or work environment. This space is so members of Apprentice...
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